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Wildnerness Maine camp for everyone!

Camp Forest is a wilderness Maine day camp to preserve, teach, and honor wilderness living skills from around the world.
In addition to a full Day Camp, Camp Forest offers weekly expeditions and runs the Camp Forest Institute to expand the wilderness experience.

Camp Forest Camper/Counselor Ratio: No greater than 8:1 (maintained at all times).

Licensed by the State of Maine.

Sharing Nature with Children

Teach Less, Share More…The outdoors brings out a spontaneous enthusiasm in the child that you can skillfully direct toward learning.

Nature and the Life Course

Children who participate in “wild nature” activities such as camping, playing in the woods, hiking, fishing and hunting were significantly more likely to consider themselves active environmentalists as adults than those whose experiences in nature were more controlled.

Last Child in the Woods

Child advocacy expert Richard Louv directly links the lack of nature in the lives of today’s wired generation―he calls it nature deficit―to some of the most disturbing childhood trends, such as rises in obesity, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and depression.
Joseph Bherat CarrellAuthor
Nancy WellsEnvironmental Psychologist
Richard LouvAuthor
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Summer Schedule

Camp Forest Institute

Camp Forest Institute offers adult wilderness training and expeditions in the United States, Peru, and Africa.

Expeditions and Events

Camp Forest offers overnight expeditions and special events. These expeditions are open to all.

Wilderness Day Camp

Immerse yourself in nature and learn about the natural world through our Wilderness Day Camp.

Junior Maine Guide

The Junior Maine Guide Program is a wilderness camping program for youth ages 9 – 18 years.

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Overview of camp

Camp Forest day camp site is on private property in Brooks, Maine with hikes and excursions to the Ellis Pond area. Expeditions are held on both public and private property with landowner permission.
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General Information

The goal of Camp Forest is to retain the primitive nature of the forest. Its structures and activities are in harmony with the changing environment. Camp Forest nurtures an appreciation of the earth and all it has to offer.

Camp Forest is a day and expedition camp to preserve, teach, and honor wilderness living skills from around the world. It offers expeditions to expand the wilderness experience. Camp Forest has bilingual, English and Spanish speaking, staff.
Camp Forest serves the community through teaching children to respect, preserve, and protect the environment. Camp Forest also teaches non-violent ways to resolve conflicts between people and between people and the natural world.

Due to the primitive nature of the camp, Camp Forest is not handicapped accessible. We will attempt to make modifications if possible. Parents are encouraged to become involved with their children and are welcome to attend with their camper.

Things to do at Camp Forest
  • Come and learn from the forest, sky, rocks, streams, plants and animals
  • See like an owl, hear like a deer, and walk like a fox
  • Learn the four basics of wilderness life: shelter, water, fire, and food
  • Listen and learn from the natural world around you
  • Share nature games, songs and stories
  • Make baskets, carve wood, coal burn bowls, or make jewelry, candles, moccasins or natural cord
  • Listen to stories of travels and of children’s lives in East Africa and the Amazon of South America
  • Create a Forest Village or a primitive camp and spend your time at the camp learning outdoor safety, compass directions, and basic survival skills
  • Learn to identify plant and animal life
  • Learn to make fire the primitive way
Our Policies

Cancellations: An Expedition or camp week may be cancelled if there are less than the required number of participants registered. Register early to ensure your spot!

Refunds: A full refund will be issued if an expedition or week is cancelled due to low registration. Paid fees, except registration fee, will be fully refunded if a cancellation request is made at least one week in advance.

Registration: Spots fill up quickly. Register early to ensure your spot. Requested expedition or camp week is considered secured upon receipt of full payment.

Ratios: Camper to counselor ratio is no greater than 8:1 for day camp and 5:1 for expeditions.

Please call (207) 382-8213 for more information.

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Address: 84 Payson Road
Brooks, ME 04921