Camp Forest Awards



Osprey Award

The Osprey badge is hand embroidered in Peru

The Osprey Badge is the first skills award to be earned at Camp Forest.

It covers the following skill areas:
Build a shelter
Pass the Lost Proof Test
Build a safe fire pit
Demonstrate Fire Safety
Light a one match fire
Identify 8 plants and their uses
Identify 7 different animal tracks
Demonstrate the knowledge of the four major orientation points
Pass the navigation test.
Demonstrate ability in crafts
Demonstrate knife safety and pass the wood carving test
Locate the nearest water source
Successfully complete ALONE TIME
Demonstrate RESPECT for ALL LIFE


Eagle Award

The Eagle Badge is earned in 12 skill areas.

A small badge is earned for each skill. Each badge is hand embroidered in Peru.

On completion of all 12 skill areas, a composite patch is awarded.

The 12 areas are:

Shelter, Tracks, Plants, Map and Compass, Advanced Knife Safety, Bowl and Spoon, Bow Drill Fire, Baskets, Cooking Fire, Knots and Cordage, Respect for Life

Each of the skills are worked on individually and a camper may need several weeks or years of camp to complete the entire award.

Junior Maine Guide Awards

Camp Forest participates with the State of Maine’s Junior Maine Guide Program.

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