Camp Forest Institute

A local residential and international educational and expedition center for Wilderness Skills, Herbal Medicine, Permaculture, and Homesteading

As an adult, learning basic survival skills, wild edibles, medicinal plants and crafts enriches your life, provides greater appreciation of our world and enhances your self-confidence. As a parent, learning wilderness skills increases your ability to feel safe in the forest. Understanding the natural world enhances your ability to teach your children and releases you to allow your children to explore.

Camp Forest Institute offers the following cultural wilderness opportunities. If interested, please contact us for more information.

Camp Forest Summer Camp Apprenticeship

Spend a summer at Camp Forest learning how to teach and mentor children about the Natural World. Immerse yourself in nature on a daily basis: build shelters, harvest wild food, learn medicinal plants, learn first aid treatment for minor medical emergencies, develop your own style of teaching wilderness living skills to children. Learn to share your passion and love of nature while enhancing your own skills.
Amazon Jungle Internship/Apprenticeship

Travel to Peru and the Amazon jungle. Mingle with the native people and learn their ways of living off the land. Dates TBD.
East African Internship

Travel to Africa and the country of Kenya. Mingle with the native people and learn their ways of living off the land. Trips vary according to travelers interest. Dates TBD.

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