We Teach Your Kids Respect for Nature

By engaging with nature, individuals gain an understanding about the impact that their actions can have on our natural environment.

National Park and Recreation Association: Children in Nature

Kids learn to respect nature in several ways. Here are a few we incorporate into our daily lives at Camp Forest.

  1. Experience Nature – All of our activities are held out of doors. Our campsite is “nature made”. From day one, kids at Camp experience nature.
  2. Exposure – Kids learn from repeated exposure. Our activities focus on and utilize things in the natural environment all the while learning how to care properly in order to ensure we leave it unharmed.
  3. Leader Enjoyment – Our Camp leaders are nature lovers. They enjoy being in nature, sharing nature, and teaching about nature. Kids see this enjoyment and learn from it.
  4. Modeling – Our Camp leaders model respect for nature in all that they do.
  5. Caring for the Environment – On a daily basis, kids learn to care for their natural environment. They learn to clean up after themselves and “leave no trace”. They learn proper techniques for being in nature without harming nature.