Wilderness Maine Camping: Day Camp and Expeditions

Join us for Summer 2020!

View our 2020 Wilderness Day Camp schedule now. We are also offering two Wilderness Expeditons and our regular Harvest Dinner.


The beginnings of a shelter
The beginnings of a shelter at Camp Forest in Maine.

Camp Forest is a day and expedition camp to preserve, teach, and honor primitive and wilderness living skills from around the world.

Camp Forest offers expeditions to expand the wilderness experience.

Camp Forest has bilingual, English and Spanish speaking, staff.

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Come to Camp Forest and:

  • Learn from the forest, sky, rocks, streams, plants and animals.
  • See like an owl, hear like a deer, and walk like a fox.
  • Learn the four basics of wilderness life, shelter, water, fire and food.
  • Listen and learn from the world around you.
  • Share nature games, songs and stories
  • Make baskets, wood carving, coal burned bowls, jewelry, candles, moccasins or natural cord.
  • Listen to stories of travels and of children's lives in East Africa and the Amazon of South America.
  • Create a Forest Village, or primitive camp, and spend much of your time at the camp learning outdoor safety, compass directions, and basic survival skills.
  • Learn to identify plant and animal life.
  • Learn to make fire the primitive way.


The goal of Camp Forest is to retain the primitive nature of the forest and harmonize its structures and activities with the changing environment.
Children gather around the campfire at Camp Forest in Maine.
Children gather around the campfire.

Camp Forest serves the community through teaching children to respect, preserve, and protect the environment by nurturing an appreciation of the earth and all it has to offer. Camp Forest also teaches non-violent ways to resolve conflicts between people and between people and the environment.

Camp Forest is not handicapped accessible due to the primitive nature of the camp, but we will attempt to make modifications if possible and necessary. Older or younger children will be considered on an individual basis.

Parents are encouraged to become involved with their children and are welcome to attend with their camper. Camp Forest serves children whose parents desire them to learn and appreciate the natural world around them.

Call (207) 930-8012 to register today.

Camp Forest is a Day and Expedition camp in Maine to preserve, teach, and honor primitive and wilderness living skills from around the world.

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